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A rather strange looking “pony” holds up a portable whiteboard to you, his mouth is covered but you can tell that he’s smiling. He sets down the board, erases it, and writes another message,
"My name’s Fad Freaky." 
He puts the board back down and repeats the process, holding it back up to you with another message,
"Would you like to be my friend?
((hello all, welcome to Fad Freaky’s ask blog, if you would be so kind please ask this strange mute little pony some questions, he’s love to answer them))

Please go check out my new blog, I’d really like to get some questions for him (just a heads up, it’s semi-nsfw, but i haven’t posted anything super nsfw yet).

Okay, after not being here for a good while, I’d like to try and start this blog up again.

This by not mean I have fixed all the problems in my personal life and this doesn’t mean this blog won’t got back on hiatus, it just means I’m in a better place where I can draw and answer questions more frequently.

I’ve nuked my inbox because all the questions were old, and I couldn’t think of a proper in character way to answer them. If you would like this blog to start up again, please send questions now! 


I have no idea if you still use this character but love him I kind of want to see him again

eee! thank you, this is really cute. hopefully i’ll be getting back to this blog soon, i’ve just been preoccupied.


Pyro wanted me to try and draw the foal of her character.
Then I did it.

((This is the baby in Prophet’s stomach))
Some, fan art of pregnant Prophet because I’ve been bad and haven’t done anything with the story arc yet.